Ensuring Success

We follow a strong process with a detailed list of steps, responsibilities  and tasks, all carefully laid out to achieve milestones and business objectives. Each project is scheduled with milestone check points with deliverables that allows customers to validate the status and realize the value up to that point.


PLM Value Roadmap

Each customer requirements is unique and a systematic approach in linking the business strategy to the capabilities helps in visualizing, quantifying and monitoring cost effective solutions.

With the experience gained by working with industry leaders, Sconce is poised to help clients in formalizing the value roadmap. We work with clients understanding their business drivers and through series of interactive sessions and workshops help create the value roadmap.

Business Case Analysis

Companies find it challenging to develop effective business cases and identify PLM solutions that result in a successful return of investment (ROI).

With the deep understanding of PLM capabilities and applications, Sconce provides Business Case Analysis support to managers in formulating justifiable initiatives. Unbiased view point on PLM capabilities, help Sconce in providing accurate evaluations of benefits and Total Cost of Ownership for the complete solution.

Deployment Planning

PLM is an integrated solution and key enterprise IT member. With experiences working on large projects for Fortune 1000 companies, Sconce had opportunities to interface PLM with truly enterprise solutions such as SAP, Oracle etc.


Implementation is a continuous process that carries lot of momentum from the earlier planning phase. The work should be done as planned with the rightly skilled people.  Project & Quality Management ensures that business owners get involved in the implementation to realize the intended values. Checkpoints measure the deviation and pro-active corrections make sure that a truly working solution is implemented.

Continuous Support

Stabilizing a newly implemented production system has been one of the most challenging phases for many customers. Sconce understands the difficulties customer face and extend its valuable support during this phase; to ensure that the solution becomes stable and provides the expected ROI without increasing risk.

Our History

We have grown from a small startup to an internationally reputable organization through consistent delivery of high value solutions. Each engagement follows a rigorous process from thorough understanding of requirements, challenges, risks, constraints, resolutions to delivering tangible results.