System Architecture & Sizing

We provide comprehensive solutions on systems architecture, sizing and deployment of enterprise PLM.

Infrastructure Design

We follow a highly systematic approach in defining the infrastructure design based on the IT input and end-to-end requirement considerations.


The solution defines an optimum hardware landscape for various systems with the following benefits:

  • Stable, scalable & optimized architecture solution
  • Production defined with High Availability, Fail-over & Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster recovery system is defined to be 100% of Production capacity
  • Development & Integration environments are optimized by sharing resources
  • Ensure High Availability with virtualized systems

Following are some of the key deliverable:

  • PLM System Hardware Sizing
  • IT systems recommendations (Disk storage, Network, Load Balancer)
  • Software List
  • Software Architecture
  • Setup Test/Development/Production Servers
  • Backup, Recovery & Disaster Recovery Setup & Validation

Setup Test/Development/Production Servers

Setup Test and Development servers with a Production Server.  The systems will support a deployment of solutions in steps through an established process minimizing system downtime in the subsequent project phases.


  • We will deploy the enterprise PLM systems environment that will include a Development Server, Test or QA Server and a Production Server.
  • The enterprise PLM environment will support:
    • Incremental deployment of PLM solutions with minimal impact to production system
    • Proper verification, validation of solutions before deployment into production
    • Setup security (access) levels depending on the requirements. Production environment will be highly secured and any change to the solutions will be highly controlled
    • IT to properly maintain the servers for high uptime
    • Secured Configuration:
      • Integration with Single Sign-on Authentication
      • Backup & Recovery Solution

Backup, Recovery & Disaster Recovery:

We will enable a backup & recovery process for PLM Systems based on:

  • RPO (recovery point objectives):
  • RTO (recovery time objective):
  • MTTR (mean time to recovery):

Based on standard guidelines and our experience in providing the right Backup/Recovery solutions, SCONCE will work out the right solution to meet customer requirements:


Backup, Recovery & Disaster Recovery Validation

We will support in the validation of Backup/Recover and Disaster Recover testing process.

  • Develop Backup/Recovery and DR procedure
  • Execute Recovery Test
  • Validate Recovered Windchill System

Ensuring Success

It starts with the humble mindset to deliver solution that has end-to-end perspective but focused on doing every step right and do that from the beginning.

Our approach is to follow a strong process with detail list of steps carefully laid out to achieve the milestones & business objective in phases.