PLM Workshops

We have gained tremendous experience from providing industry best practice solutions for many fortune 1000 manufacturing companies.

We are one of the few experts in guiding companies planning to deploy enterprise PLM systems. Understanding how best these solutions can be integrated to unique requirements from companies, need solid experiences of various PLM systems and processes. We conduct workshops and requirements discovery sessions with customers as the first right step.

The objectives of the in PLM workshops are:

  • Explore the current product development & manufacturing processes
  • Explore the functionalities of PDM/PLM Software and map them to requirements  – high level
  • Explore the expected Functionalities/Process improvements/Changes by implementing PDM/PLM System
  • Provide recommendations for the most appropriate solution

The following major topics will be covered as well:

  • Current Process Discussions (Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Management, Vendor, Procurement etc)
  • Introduction to PDM/PLM Capabilities and Solution Functionalities
    Major topics – PDM functions, Change/Configuration Management, Vendor Collaboration, Visualization, Enterprise Application Interface, Supported Platforms, Basic Architecture, Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Demonstration of system (if possible configure some key requirements)
  • Requirements Gathering –  Plan for Next Steps


The outcomes of such workshops are:

  • PLM solution roadmap definitions
  • Long term solution implementation roadmap
  • Recommended software implementation and configuration
  • Recommended hardware requirements
  • Process map with best practices approach
  • Estimated timeline for PLM implementation
  • Support & enhancement plans

Ensuring Success

It starts with the humble mindset to deliver solution that has end-to-end perspective but focused on doing every step right and do that from the beginning.

Our approach is to follow a strong process with detail list of steps carefully laid out to achieve the milestones & business objective in phases.