PLM Training & Adoption

SCONCE provides expert training & adoption solution.

There are two types of training associated with the PDM system roll-out.  The first type is Instructor Led Train-The-Trainer. There will be instructor lead courses based on documents considered most critical to a successful implementation. SCONCE targets smooth roll-out of PLM within the user’s community. SCONCE supports the customer’s trainer in the end-user training for smoother user adoption. All training materials will be stored in central repository for easy access to the documentation.

Each business unit, identifies the key users from their site. These key users will have the following responsibilities

  • Attend the training provided by PDM Project team
  • Perform hands-on training on all the training documentations provided
  • Understand the support organization for their units and be able to get support from them for handling specific scenarios or functionality
  • Train and guide the general users on using PDM of all required functions
  • After go-live, provide as level 2 support for users at their local sites for issues related to PDM functions (Note: Level 1 PDM / IT support is assumed to be provided through Customer’s IT Helpdesk)
  • Custom User Training based on fixed set of user scenarios captured from the Key/Champion Users will be provided
  • Required documents and training materials will be prepared and delivered to Customer


The end user trainers will be trained to all access levels. They will then repeat this training to groups of users. Classes will be based on user access level. All users will be given training starting with the lowest level access then building to the access level they require. Table below describes the sequence training will be given from lowest to highest access level

  • Light User
  • Approver / Reviewer User
  • Basic User
  • Managers / Document Control Supervisor
Setup Adoption Framework

All training will either be instructor led and/or self-study using documentation stored in the Training Library. The TTT trainers will be trained by knowledgeable PDM team members. All training for the assigned users must be completed prior to the user having access to the qualified production PDM server.

Training Library

  • Library of all training documentation (step-by-step) procedures will be stored in PLM library created to host these documents
  • Users will be provided access to these documents on read-only basis for continuous education/adoption of the enabled functionality and processes.

Ensuring Success

It starts with the humble mindset to deliver solution that has end-to-end perspective but focused on doing every step right and do that from the beginning.

Our approach is to follow a strong process with detail list of steps carefully laid out to achieve the milestones & business objective in phases.