Parts Classification & Design Reuse

Design reuse and parts classification has gained significant attention in product development world as it directly impacts productivity, time-to-market and the ultimate cost of the product.

What are the business needs?

  • Reduce time to market – Designers should quickly identify parts for design re-use
  • New part creation streamlined and duplicates removed to increase quality of products.
  • Efficient vendor collaboration – with multiple departments/vendors design processes, standardize parts
  • Accurate “product data” to downstream sourcing & other critical processes

We provide unique & efficient solution for parts classification and design re-use meeting the business needs


Geometry (shape-based) Search, Classification & Design Reuse Solution

Our high end solution using software from our Partner, Enfinio’s Bingo! a shape based classification & design reuse software along with PTC’s Windchill (R) PartsLink. This solution brings long term benefits for customers in design re-use, and classification.

Following picture shows the value addition for the customers through SCONCE’s unique solution:


The following picture shows the various challenges in Parts Classification and how SCONCE could provide right solution to meet the challenges:


Optimized Business Process Solutions

The following business process solutions adds more value to our customers:


Ensuring Success

It starts with the humble mindset to deliver solution that has end-to-end perspective but focused on doing every step right and do that from the beginning.

Our approach is to follow a strong process with detail list of steps carefully laid out to achieve the milestones & business objective in phases.