"I would like to give you a feedback in written about the remarkable performance of the Sconce on-site team during the Windchill 10.1 go-live and post go-live period."

− Head Engineering IT, F1 Racing

"Sconce Solutions took on a difficult project us that involved the complete detailing and modeling of over 500 parts and 200 assemblies of a recently acquired product line. They demonstrated great flexibility, excellent management capabilities, and a commitment to the project by being able to react to changes in priorities and project scope, which aided them to successfully meet the requirements and milestones while producing the highest quality work.
Our business relationship with Sconce Solutions has been very beneficial to our organization. We look forward to working with them again in the future and recommend them to others."

− Siemens Militronics

"Excellent work and thanks to Sconce's team for their leadership and hard work."

− Lenovo (PLM Director)

"We are very pleased about Sconce’s work as well as the customer for their capability to adapt to the complex environment and managed to provide..."

− PTC Client Manager

"Sconce has a lot of value to add to our Customers and our future PDMLink Implementations. We should continue to work more closely together..."

− PTC Reseller