A good blend of governance, project management practices and the technical frameworks/ tools/ methodologies for the service offerings can lead to successful projects with reliable, predictable and quality results.


Process & Tools Repository

Through years of providing consulting and custom solutions to various product development companies around the globe, SCONCE has developed best practice process and tools to help support cost-effective solutions.

Process & tools repository is a SCONCE IP solutions that will be utilized in the PLM implementations for its customers.

For example, SCONCE has developed custom tools for data extraction from various legacy systems. There are tools for validating extracted files for data integrity and tools to report data inside Windchill that could be used to identify the actual filenames stored in vaults etc.

Some of the tools available for legacy data migrations reduces the duration and efforts required to perform otherwise and thus helping to achieve the best results more efficiently.

Some of SCONCE’s IP PLM/MCAD Tools

  1. Bulk Pro E/AutoCAD/Solidworks/NX Data Loaders
  2. Download of CAD/Non-CAD Documents
  3. Bulk Part Creation & Association
  4. Bulk Configuration Loader
  5. PLM Systems Configuration Comparison Tool

Strong Infrastructure Support

The effectiveness of some methodologies depend on strong Infrastructure Support.

Sconce PLM Innovation  & Support Center

  • High tech offshore lab set to create virtual customer’s systems (current & future), practice and establish repeatable processes for executing their specific requirements, reducing the efforts for final onsite implementation.
  • Supports well balanced Onshore/Offshore Services model to provide the most cost-effective solution for Customers (lower offshore costs, reduce onsite downtime, and near perfect completion of project tasks).
  • Free customer resources from routine System Maintenance & Support tasks, enabling the core employees to concentrate more on business related tasks to be more productive

High Tech Infrastructure

  • High Performance Servers – Equipped with high configuration servers to handle the activities in high speed. Data is highly secured and backed up promptly to prevent any time/effort loss
  • High Speed Network - Perform system updates, configure new process, update existing process, define soft configurations, test & validate – all using remote connections such as VPN
  • Customer Sharepoint Portal - Sharing of information is between customers and offshore is highly critical for the successful execution of tasks. The Center has enabled SCONCE Sharepoint portal and provide access to customers to upload/download data and documents.
  • Seamless Communication - With extensive experience in handling remote work for over 12 years, the Center handles communication with customer seamless. Few customers had remote login into our servers at offshore and performed rehearsal migration or upgrade.
  • Up-to-date Systems Library  – Virtual Reuse Systems Library is kept up-to-date with updates/patches and combined with high configuration servers reduce the project delivery time, which is critical for the most cost-effective solution

Ensuring Success

It starts with the humble mindset to deliver solution that has end-to-end perspective but focused on doing every step right and do that from the beginning.

Our approach is to follow a strong process with detail list of steps carefully laid out to achieve the milestones & business objective in phases.